For your convenience, here is a transcript of the video:
Hi there. I'm Eddie Z, and thanks for getting The Complete Guide to Trading Computers and the Video Series.

I just sent the Guide and the first video to your email address. It may take a few minutes to get there, but very, very quickly, before you go check, this is very important

I don't know about you, but lately nearly all the cool information I sign up for online... for some reason it winds up in my spam folder or my promotions tab on Gmail. 

It happens in my Hotmail accounts and my Yahoo accounts, too, but Gmail is by far the worst. 
If you happen to use Gmail, please do the following:  please make us a safe sender. It literally takes just seconds.

Here's how you do it.
If you happen to use Gmail, I want you to go to your spam folder and look to see if our email is there. 

How you would do that is you would just go over here to where it says More, click this drop-down, and click on your Spam folder. 
Now we can see at the moment, none of my emails are in the spam folder. But let's assume this is an email from Eddie Z. All you would need to do is hover over it, and click Add to contacts
Also, you can check it off and click Not spam. You want to do both of these things. 
Next what you want to do if my email is not in spam, is go to the Inbox. As you know in Gmail you have three tabs. 

Look for us in the Promotions tab. If you see our email like this one right here in your promotions tab, what I want you to do is do the same thing. 

Hover over it, Add to contacts, and then take the email and drag it over to Primary
You're going to get a message up here:  Your conversation has been moved to Primary. Do this for future messages from Eddie Z?

 Make sure to click Yes.
You want to make sure you follow all the steps.

Again, Add to contacts, drag to Primary, and click Yes.  You want to make sure you follow all the steps., and click Yes. 

Do this for future messages. It's really that simple.
Now if you really want to make sure my emails never, ever, ever have a chance of getting to spam, the easiest thing to do is click on the email. Once the email opens, look for this drop-down over here on the right. 

Click Filter messages like this
You'll get this pop up box, and it'll have my email already in here:

Then you just want to click right over here where it says Create filter with this search
You want to mark it Never send to spam and Always mark it as important... Apply to matching messages and Create filter

Then everything will wind up in your Inbox. You won't miss it in Promotions, and you won't miss it in your Spam. 
Thanks for taking a few minutes to do that. Again, if you use any other provider besides Google, please click one of the links below. I'll show you how to do it in Yahoo, AOL, and a whole bunch of the others. 

Again, thanks for checking out my stuff, and I'll see you on the other side.